The overarching theme of the EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit 2019 is #AFSEffect: Volunteering for Impact.

As the complexity of our world increases so do the challenges facing us; to ensure our response is powerful and effective we want our efforts to promote intercultural learning opportunities to produce concrete and visible positive change. In 2019 EFIL is working toward increasing the impact of our intercultural learning efforts on society. Through our activities we will be exploring different ways we can work toward our mission and what we can do to multiply the AFS Effect and maximise our impact on society.

As in all AFS activities, the owners, drivers and implementers of these efforts are and need to be volunteers. Volunteers are the backbone of AFS organisations, both those in grassroots roles and those in leadership roles; and though we are all connected in a global network, each volunteer contributes to the organisation’s work in its own way. At this year’s VSS we want to take a deeper look at some of these different paths to impact and provide volunteers with the knowledge, skills and tools to implement real change.

Through a track system we want to give participants the change to go in depth into the topic and explore it from different angles in a coherent way. While the tracks are given below, more information on the tracks and workshops will appear soon, so stay tuned!


Intercultural Facilitators: From Exchanges to Impact

Empowering Global Active Citizens

AFS Effect in practice

Activists: Daring to Take a Stand

Leaders: Advocating for a Better World


The Volunteer Summer Summit is the yearly flagship event of the European Federation for Intercultural Learning. It brings 200+ volunteers together from all over Europe to engage them in intercultural learning activities to strengthen their volunteering engagement and facilitation skills. 

EFIL is an umbrella organisation of the exchange organisation American Field Service and counts 29 member associations in Europe. EFIL promotes intercultural understanding among countries, organisations and citizens, and actively helps its members to operate within the European environment.



The address of EFIL is Roger Vandendriesschelaan 18, B, 1150 Brussels, Belgium. The preparatory team is spread across the continent.