This year’s topic is ‘Global Citizenship Education HUB’.

As the complexity and possibilities of our world increase so do the challenges facing us. We can not shield ourselves from events occurring on the other side of the world, but we can choose to impact our surroundings. This comes with amazing opportunities and responsibilities.

As AFSers, we are committed to raise awareness of global issues, empower to take an active role in one’s own community, competence to contribute to a more just a peaceful world.

We believe participants of the VSS have a role to play in educating themselves and others on how to be a Global Citizen. Because, and this we should not forget, we have the power to impact and make great changes to promote intercultural learning opportunities to produce concrete and visible positive change.

As it is an incredibly broad and extensive topic, there are several thematic paths to address it. That is why we have divided the programme into different thematic tracks:

  • Global Citizenship in everyday life: from the global to the local realm (EL)
  • Global Citizenship Education: In- and outside of schools (ED)
  • #AFSEffect: Volunteering in the 21st century (VO)
  • Your journey to Global Citizenship Education (GCE)
  • A toolbox for action (TB)

Each of the five tracks addresses the topic in its own way and each of this year’s workshops is linked to at least one track. And all of our trainers collaborate to link workshops with each other. This ensures that we can get the most out of each track and gives a broader context to each workshop.

We will zoom in on the different tracks in future updates.