Welcome Night
Welcome to the 13th Volunteer Summer Summit. This is when the team members introduce themselves and you will learn some key information about the venue and the programme. We will also facilitate team building activities. 

It serves as a kickoff for a successful VSS, an introduction to this year’s organizers, as well as other key elements of the Summer Summit.

This plenary moment is the end of the VSS and a time when we say thank you and goodbye.

Thematic Opening
This is when we present the theme to you. The methodology can vary but the objective is always to help you  get in the mood of learning about Global Active Citizenship.

Parallel Session
With this session we want to ensure that everyone has the same foundation on the theme to get the most out of all the workshops. 

During the Application process you will be asked to choose 2 to 3 workshops (depending on their lengths). We advise you to choose them from the same track to focus your learning journey. Every workshop is facilitated by one trainer.
If you want to know more about the Workshops, be sure to read our Newsletters.

Volunteer Project HUB
This session gives Participants the opportunity to take ownership of the programme. A mix between an open space for project creation and participant-run workshop sessions we will take the lead from you and give space to your thoughts, topics and ideas.

Sharing Of Outcomes
This session on the last day gives participants the chance to recap the week and to learn what fellow participants have worked on in their Workshops . It is a good way to connect the dots between workshops and tracks. 

Leisure Activities
As the VSS is a training event, you will spend lots of time in Workshops, thinking, debating, sharing… But equally important are times to enjoy yourself and meet other Participants. Where better to do that if not by swimming in the lake,  playing volleyball or learning a bit of Czech?
If you want to know more about the Leisure Activities, be sure to read our Newsletters.

I Can Teach You
This activity replaces the leisure activities organized by the Support Team so the Participants can also share their knowledge and skills with one another. 

Reflection Group
This is a small group of around 6 Participants and one team member. They will meet every day after the programme to share feelings, thoughts and feedback .

Community Project
During this activity everyone will be able to sign up for one project to volunteer in. As we are a big group, with many hands, we want to give back to our hosting community. It is also a good balance to the work you do during the workshops.If you want to know more about the Community Projects, be sure to read our Newsletters.

Local Night
During this evening we will learn about Czech traditions, foods and life. The Czech team members will give their best to show the Participants their culture.

Bazaar Night
This is where we ask participants to share practices from their AFS Organizations and exchange experiences. Some bring typical foods and AFS Merch as well.

Common Night
This evening is after the Community Project and is less structured than the other evenings. In previous years we had bonfires or spent time with locals.

Final Party This party has traditionally been a theme party, where Participants and Team members dress up. If you want to know more about the Final Party, be sure to read our Newsletters.

If you want to learn about your Arrival or your Departure, please klick here.