Registration Process

Q: How do I recover my password to MySummit?

A: Send an email to Caro (caro.mulle@afs.org), she will help you.

Q: How do I change my accommodation type?

A: Send an email to Caro (caro.mulle@afs.org), she will see if there is space in your preferred accommodation and make the changes for you.

Q: How can I cancel my participation?

A: Cancellations are only accepted via email to Caro (caro.mulle@afs.org).

Q: Will I be supported by my AFS organisation?

A: There will be two rounds of confirmation by offices. After each deadline those who have applied will be notified by Caro if they have been confirmed to participate or not.
Regarding financial support of AFS organisations, this is up to each individual organisation and is not in the hands of the EFIL’s Secretariat. Please refer to your national organisation with questions regarding financial support.


Q: How long does it take to get to Czech Republic?

A:This depends on your location. We recommend using OpenStreetMap to find your route.
When possible we recommend looking into alternative means of travel to flying. This can be trains, busses, ferries, private cars, bikes, etc. These are all more sustainable ways to get to the VSS and this makes our green hearts happy.
Websites like omio.com, skyscanner.net or google flights help you book your travels in case you are flying.

Q: Can you arrange pick-up at the airport?

A: All participants will have to travel individually to the meeting point: Prague (more information about the meeting spot will follow). Make sure to plan your travel to be at the meeting point before 16:30 on August 09th.
Please make sure you enter your travel information in Mysummit, so we can plan arrivals and check-in accurately. Should you change your plan after you completed the registration make sure to update your details or let us know via email.

Q: Who do I contact if my flight is delayed and what do I do in that case?

A: If your flight is delayed by a short time and you will still make it to the meeting point on time there is no need to notify anyone.
In case your delay is long enough to affect your transfer to the venue on arrival day please contact Caro (caro.mulle@afs.org) or the EFIL emergency phone.


Q: Is it possible to book your own accommodation outside the venue?

A: A part of the VSS is staying together at the venue and in the offered accommodations. It is not an option to stay outside of the venue.

Q: Can you recommend any budget hotels for before and after the VSS?

A: We recommend checking booking.com, hostelworld.com, airbnb.com or other similar web pages to find budget hotels to stay at before and after the event.
Such bookings have to be made individually and the EFIL Secretariat or AFS Czech Republic are not a part of this process.


Q: How will the weather be at the VSS?

A: Unfortunately the EFIL secretariat does not have an especially tight bond with the weather gods.
What we can tell you is that the event is hosted in the middle of July and the average temperature at the venue at this time of year is somewhere between 15°C and 26°C. There is a chance of rain and it might get quite cold in the evenings. If we are lucky it might also be sunny and nice.
We recommend preparing for different weather. Dress like an onion, then you can rather take off layers if it gets too warm than being cold.
We also recommend keeping an eye on the weather.

Q: What is the attire for the event? Formal? Casual?

A: The attire is completely up to you. There is no dress code at the VSS but people tend to dress rather casually at this event. On the other hand, we do recommend taking the weather into consideration when packing, as well as the Bazaar night (you can wear something traditional) and the theme for the final party.

Q: Can I bring my spouse or other family members to the event?

A: If they are AFS volunteers and have registered, gotten confirmed and paid the registration fee: Yes!
If not: The VSS is an event held exclusively for AFS volunteers that are registered participants. It is therefore not possible to bring external people to the event.